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1415 W 51st St
Austin, TX, 78756
United States


Offering counseling in central Austin to adults struggling with painful relationships, upsetting changes, ineffective communication, unwanted emotions, low spirits and anxious thinking. Therapy for the heart & mind, curiosity required.  


Worry & Anxiety

Dangerous or harmless?
 Do other people comment on what a worrier you are?  
Do you deal with anxiety so much that it feels like an inherent part of who you are fundamentally, as a person?  
Therapy can help you relate to your thinking in such a way that you begin to experience prickly thoughts as things you can just let be, not monsters you must contend with.

I don't think I've met a human, yet, who doesn't contend with worry and anxiety; at least not in this country, anyway. It's going to happen. If we care about things, we will most likely worry about them and we most likely have fear about their future. That is not a problem, in and of itself. The problems come in with the ways we habitually react to thoughts of worry, feelings of anxiety, experiences of fear. At Counseling Austin, we will explore your habits of reaction and guide you in ways to increase your ability to consciously respond, instead of mindlessly react.

Here are some books that can help you get started.