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1415 W 51st St
Austin, TX, 78756
United States


Offering counseling in central Austin to adults struggling with painful relationships, upsetting changes, ineffective communication, unwanted emotions, low spirits and anxious thinking. Therapy for the heart & mind, curiosity required.  



Those are my sweet parents on my dad's 80th birthday.  They've been married since 1959 and raised two kids.  I'm sure they would tell you that being in an intimate, romantic relationship is not for the faint of heart. 

While I don't offer couples counseling, much of my time as a therapist is spent helping clients navigate the multitude of facets of relating. I'm especially interested in exploring the specifics of your habits of communicating, of remaining silent, of building resentments, of expressing upset, and of setting boundaries.

Below, find book recommendations for love, attachment, couples, breaking up, anger, resentment, and enabling. If you are struggling in any of these areas, please reach out.

love & attachment


breaking up


Anger, resentment, enabling

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