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1415 W 51st St
Austin, TX, 78756
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Offering counseling in central Austin to adults struggling with painful relationships, upsetting changes, ineffective communication, unwanted emotions, low spirits and anxious thinking. Therapy for the heart & mind, curiosity required.  


Presenting Issues

Through Counseling Austin, I can offer treatment for worry, anxiety, grief, heartbreak, as well as training in mindfulness, communication, and parenting.  
Divorce and ADHD are also areas of expertise.

Click on the topic you are interested in. (I'm a reader, so I've included book recommendations on the following pages in this site.  If you're not a reader, don't worry about it.  Many of the books are available in audio recordings.) 

Mindfulness & Buddhist psychology

Even if you don't think you are interested in mindfulness, I encouraged you to peruse some of the titles presented on this page. Every challenge associated with the topics listed below can be somewhat alleviated through the practice of mindfulness. At Counseling Austin, all of our work together will be infused with the mindful tenets of building awareness with a compassionate heart.


These habits of the mind can really eat your lunch. If you struggle with ruminating - running the same things over and over in your mind - you are not alone. Anxious thinking and worry habits are often targets in therapy.


It's hard to go through life without being in some sort of relationship. Check this page for topics including intimate relationships, communication, co-dependence and anger. While I don't offer couples counseling, I offer expertise in all areas of relating, including speaking clearly, listening well, knowing yourself, and finding balance.


There is a heavy load when it comes to divorce. Not only does it usually come after a long period of struggle, but the aftermath of reorganizing your whole life, the cultural messages of failure, and the legal and financial strains compound the suffering exponentially. I don't like to present myself as a silver-linings kind of person, but there are really lovely growth opportunities when your world has been this turned around. In therapy, I can help you find those and help you navigate through the ups and downs of this time. I can also offer expertise in managing your life as a single parent.


I'm a parent and being in that role is truly satisfying and meaningful for me. It brings out the best in me, and the worst. Often it can feel like "No one prepared me for this! What am I supposed to do???" There is a lot of advice out there, and, as a counselor, I may, at times, fall prey to offering you more of that. My intention, though, is to help you find your own balance and sanity in the midst of your personal parenting challenges. You and your child are unique. Our efforts will be geared toward uncovering what is effective for you.

grief & heartbreak

Grief and heartbreak can send us reeling into some really dark spaces. Finding support in therapy can help you up in a way that your friends and family may not be able to. 


As luck of the draw would have it, a majority of the closest relationships in my life are with people who happen to have an ADHD diagnosis. Thus, I have engaged in a heavy dose of formal study in this area and I have decades of experience bearing witness and relating to people who are challenged with these issues. Whether you fall in the distracted category, or the in-relationship-with-the-distracted-one category, I can bring some warmth, humor, and understanding to your situation.