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1415 W 51st St
Austin, TX, 78756
United States


Offering counseling in central Austin to adults struggling with painful relationships, upsetting changes, ineffective communication, unwanted emotions, low spirits and anxious thinking. Therapy for the heart & mind, curiosity required.  


Grief & Heartbreak

There's nothing like devastating loss to bring us to our knees. Whether it's through death or loss of love, a job, your health, your sense of security, or through any major change in your life, we all meet up with grief and heartbreak.  
Finding resilience is the way through.

Resilience has many components. There has been a lot in the news and research about grit and tenacity as it relates to resilience. In our pioneer culture, we can get very confused about what it means to persevere through loss and grief. We often get the message that we should or shouldn't feel a certain way, or we should or shouldn't "get over it" in a certain period of time. From a mental health point of view, in order to keep yourself moving, it is important to be aware of the interpretations you are making and the feelings you are having. Neither telling yourself that you should be able to get over it, nor telling yourself that you're never going to get over it, tend to actually be helpful in this regard.

If you are struggling in moving through grief, therapy can be a safe place to express yourself, find guidance and support, and practice making sense of things in a way that propels you forward. Please reach out.

Here are some books I've found helpful.